Why Sponsor?

Your organization’s sponsorship will help us impact greatly on the sector via our 3-in-1 program comprising Capacity Development Conference, Exhibition and Awards.

  • Capacity Development Conference which will be in two forms

First Aid, emergency response and ancillary training for Maritime Workers, Dock workers, Port Workers, Maritime Security, and Seafarers etc and Professional Development Conference for senior-level personnel in the industry .

The aim of the of First Aid, emergency response and ancillary training is to equip these workers with the required training to save lives in times of emergency. By so doing, these workers will serve as the first line of defense against avoidable casualty and life-threatening injuries in emergency situations in the course of operations.

Professional Development Conference aimed to motivate, inspire and to promote interdisciplinary discussion and cross-exchange of ideas on issues facing the maritime/offshore industry in the present era of rapid change in the global maritime Nigerian community, with a view to harnessing the past to navigate the future.

The Awards equally present sponsors with a unique opportunity to further demonstrate their commitment to recognizing and supporting excellence and innovation throughout the sector.

This award attracts over 400 guests from the Maritime, Offshore and allied industry. Guests are treated to a VVIP reception, sumptuous three-course meal and table wine and premium entertainment, comedy from the A-list comedian, live music and dance.

  • Award Gala / Exhibition –

Holding same day as the Award Gala, the Exhibition will offer organizations the opportunities to showcase their products to stakeholders in the industry.

The Award Gala is the culmination of months of careful planning. Eminent individuals, high-flying professionals, credible organizations and conscientious regulators whose activities over the years have been carefully scrutinized by an international panel of judges are presented with award certificates and plaques for their various positive contributions in the industry.

Benefits of sponsoring The OMIS

When you sponsor The OMIS, you get to reach many more people than just those who attend on the day. Our event with the campaign is promoted over many months across a range of communications channels, including mainstream media, email, direct marketing and social media, as part of an integrated marketing plan. As a sponsor, your name and logo will be used during these outreach campaigns maximizing brand visibility.

The Awards will have a high-quality audience of top-level executives, which sponsors get a unique opportunity to connect with. Sponsors can engage one-on-one with key decision makers relevant to their business. This is an opportunity to get right in front of your target market and reach numerous people who are interested in your products and services.

Association with The OMIS will further enhance your business reputation as being socially responsible and improve the way you are perceived in the industry.

Attending in person as a sponsor gives you a privileged chance to learn more about actual and potential customers and promote your products and services to them. Sponsoring The OMIS is a great way to generate quality leads because the event is attended by high level decision makers in relevant market sectors. Being an event sponsor also focuses a spotlight on you and your businesses, making it easier for opportunities to find you.

The OMIS is projected to generate a huge amount of publicity both locally and internationally. This is true not just in the days around the event, but in the months leading up to it, and afterwards. Sponsorship can help you generate a positive level of media coverage that might otherwise not have been available or would be extremely expensive if it were to be purchased.

The act of sponsoring The OMIS through an exclusive sponsorship is a significant way to differentiate yourself from competitors. Quite simply, through being a sponsor at the Awards, your name will stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

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