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How to Cut Out a Shape in Illustrator – Install and update apps

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If you use the Divide Object Below command, you can use one shape like a cookie-cutter, creating a cutout through the other shape and deleting the shape you used as the cookie cutter. You can use the Knife tool to slice multiple shapes.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut C to activate the Scissors tool. Instead, you can find it on the Pathfinder panel. Using the Pathfinder tool, you can put a shape on top of another object and tell Illustrator what part of the object you want to keep or eliminate. You may find that instead of cutting out a shape, it might be easier to build a shape using the Shape Builder tool.

If you already know how to add a mask in Photoshop , this will be very familiar. We can use another shape as a clipping mask so that only areas inside the second shape are visible. In other words, you can use clipping masks to hide parts of shapes. All the Adobe Creative Cloud apps offer multiple ways of achieving the same effect. With practice, your graphic designs will be pixel-perfect! Maggie Marystone is a freelance technology writer, human rights worker, and storyteller based in Chicago.

Read Maggie’s Full Bio. When user selected [FC] , cutting operation did not work when an error message was displayed and cutting was not possible if 2 or 3 registration marks were used. Fixed that another job is not sent by mistake while Data Link Server is running for continuous cutting operation. Fixed the problem that the media size not being recognized when using Simple mode.

Fixed the problem that it may cause a scan error with the second registration mark when specifying number of copies of a vertical or horizontal in the Registration Marks tab after the the segment registration mark is created using the Relative to page function. Fixed the problem that the curve immediately prior to performing a pause may not be cut until the pause is released when the Pause was enabled on the Layering tab.

Fixed the problem that exclusive control may be automatically canceled in 15 minutes before the cutter status returned to ready when the cutter was connected to the network and the cut job was executed.

Fixed the problem that an error may cause in searching the second set of registration mark even if the copy is enabled on the Registration Marks tab when using the Marker with Relative to page.

Added option to start cutting without displaying a confirmation message on Default Job Properties when using registration marks. Fixed the problem that a straight line may be displayed in the Line type setting on the Layering tab when the file is opened after the dashed line is selected and saved.

Fixed a problem that the pattern reached the top end due to the large number of copies specified in the vertical direction and the pattern that was rearranged from the bottom edge may not be cut in case of using specific condition.

Fixed the problem that page crossing cut may not be executed even if the Cut page crossings setting on the Advanced tab is enabled. Added to display a warning message when specifying an incorrect port in cutter registration setting using USB connection. Fixed the problem that the Bits per second culum of COM setting may not be changed a value other than the initial setting when using RSC connection. Fixed the problem that job size may not be changed with the percent spin button when using specific text.

Added to display a warning message after the Poll Size button on the General tab is clicked when the cutter is not ready. Fixed the problem that the setting of the Passes on the Layering tab may not be reflected in pattern applied the tile division function beyond the page. Fixed the problem that the cut may be terminated halfway when specific data saved in the USB memory with XPF file is selected. Added a function to specify the color of registration mark line and the color of paint around mark.

A model that supporting color mark: CE LITE Fixed the problem that location of cut pattern may not correct when registration mark created by Cutting Master 3 is used.

Fixed the problem that mark may not be scanned correctly when mark is created using Cutting Master 4 with Mac OS of English edition. Fixed the problem that direction of shape may not be correct when copy is enabled by the Copies setting on the General tab with certain condition. Fixed the problem that it may lose the response when an incorrect USB port is specified for adding a cutter.

Changed an action when size of mark is changed using spin button on the Thickness or the Length setting in the Registration Marks window. Changed an action when size of job is changed using spin button on the Job size setting area in the General tab. Fixed the problem that an error message may be displayed when cutting condition including custom line registered with Japanese name is selected.

Changed the settings of copy space in the matrix copy because the registration mark cannot be detected correctly when the copy space is set to zero. Fixed the problem that the settings of Force or Quality Acceleration in all conditions settings of cutter may changed when the Force or Quality is set in software. Added a warning message that is displayed when the Force and Quality on cutting condition setting is not correct.

Added an error message when it cannot connect to the server while setting up the Sai Cloud Connect. Fixed the problem that the registration marks may be placed in the not correct position when specifying Relative to page after position of document origin is changed in CorelDRAW. Added function to specify the margin in Weed Border when the cutting object has the registration marks. Fixed the problem that setting of Margin may be not set correctly after the Registration Marks dialog is reopened when the Relative to page is used.

Fixed the problem that sequence of cutting may not be changed even if changing the layer sequence when creating the cutting object with multiple layers including the registration marks. Fixed the problem that the registration marks may be placed outside of media when it is created using the Relative to page with the CorelDRAW.



GRAPHTEC Cutting Master 4 for Windows OS ver


Click OK to continue. Select the anchor point or the path cut in the previous step using the Direct Selection tool to modify the object. The Knife tool cuts objects along a freehand path you draw with the tool, dividing objects into their component-filled faces. A face is an area undivided by a line segment.

Click and hold the Eraser tool to see and choose the Knife tool. Click and drag each part using the Direct Selection tool. Clipping masks let you use an object to hide portions of other objects. For details, see Clipping masks. Create the object you want to use as the mask. This object is called the clipping path.

Only vector objects can be clipping paths. To create a clipping path from the area where two or more objects overlap, group the objects first. Add to shape area using the Unite mode B. Subtract from shape area using the Minus Front mode C.

Intersect shape area using the Intersect mode D. Exclude overlapping shape areas using the Exclude mode. Select the objects you want to trim using the Selection tool. Choose a Shape Mode and Pathfinder effects using the Pathfinder panel. For more information, see Pathfinder effects. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy.

Adobe Illustrator Features What’s New. Buy now. Thus, not only can you share your work with other tools, but also other devices, making the latter much more fluid. This system also encourages the development of group projects. Furthermore, it also offers us access to Adobe Stock, the collection of stock images and graphical resources that can be used in Adobe’s different creative tools : over 55 million images, charts, and videos available that can be used as templates or starting points for any project.

Adobe Illustrator is a highly complex software, mainly focused on professional use. As usual in this type of product, this tool is fee-based. Although Adobe offers you the possibility to use it for seven days to evaluate its features, after that time, you will have to pay a subscription fee. By doing so, Adobe will activate Illustrator, which will allow you to continue using it.

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There are many tools in Adobe Illustrator that can confuse a new user in the field of creating illustrations. One such group is the Scissor, knife, and eraser tool that is used to cut a vector object. While all three work very similarly with minute variations, this article will focus on the scissor tool in Illustrator as the anchor topic.

In contrast, knife and eraser tool will work as the peripheral topic. In straightforward terms, the scissor tool does what regular scissors do in real life; cutting paper in a straight line.

With this tool in Illustrator, you can cut a vector object in straight, edge-to-edge lines. There are many more sophisticated uses of this, which will be discussed later. But to understand the basics, it is used to cut objects. The erase tool in Illustrator works like an eraser. It can delete selected parts of the illustration vector-based.

Unlike scissor tool which works on straight lines running across edges, erase tool can clear out any part of adobe illustrator cc scissor tool free download illustration. Just select the radius of the eraser and start rubbing off the sections you want to erase. The knife tool combines the ease of the eraser tool and the precision of the scissor tool. Objects adobe illustrator cc scissor tool free download be cut diagonally, in straight lines, and in any proportions you want.

The scissor tool is relatively simple and easy to use. Using this crosshair, we can target anchor points in the object. Note: Scissor tool only works on the outlines. This means that you cannot cut anything inside the illustration. It can be used to cut something from edge to edge or to open a closed shape explained later. As shown in the image below, click on the diagonal corners of the rectangle using the scissor tool. Like cutting a paper diagonally, this also does the same. As you can see from the adobe illustrator cc scissor tool free download below, the shape has been cleanly cut in half.

This is the basic function of the scissor tool in Illustrator. But it is not the only one. The scissor tool can cut and open the closed outlines of any vector object. To demonstrate the basics, I have created three shapes; a square, a circle, and a triangle.

With the outlined selected, click on the upper-right point on the top point of the circle using the scissor tool.

This will cut-open these outlines, as shown in the pictures below. Not just shapes, but you can do the same with text as well. After that, select the achor points you want to open, and with a little bit of creativity and addition, you can create some typography designs. You should create something that you are experiencing.

Look what I made. The knife tool gives you the flexibility of cutting a vector in whichever direction you want. This is not very effective for shapes, but it can work wonderfully for text-based vectors. It allows you to create custom text-based illustrations quickly and easily. There are a few extra steps involved that must be done before you start using the scissors. First, write the text that you want to work on. Make sure for typos. This will adobe illustrator cc scissor tool free download the text into a vector object.

Now, select the text you want to work on. Use the knife tool select it by right-clicking on the scissor adobe premiere cc 2014 media encoder free on the toolbar and then adobe illustrator cc scissor tool free download a line; however, you want to cut the text-based vector.

Show your creativity here. You can change the colors, texture, etc. This is what I have created. Again, create what you feel inside, this will unleash the true creativity. I also created a variation with the top part of the text. Just select the text and convert it to outlines. Also, remember to ungroup these text files. Using the knife tool, draw a line across the text file. Then draw another line in the middle to divide the text vector into three sections.

Then just select the individual parts and move to any side you want. This will create a sliced text effect. This concludes the article.

Adobe illustrator cc scissor tool free download hope you learned what you came to learn from this article. You can read more articles related to the Illustrator tutorial that will surely help you create better illustrations.

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