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Adobe Articulate vs Captivate: Which One Should you Choose?

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Use the new course completion trigger to send a status update to your LMS when learners perform a specific action or reach a certain point on the timeline. Toggle Hidden or Disabled State Trigger.

Quickly toggle between an object’s current state and its hidden or disabled state. Add intelligence to your course with variables. Text and number variables let you capture and track learner input or actions, then present dynamic content based on learner activity.

Random Number Variable. Make interactions more gamelike and unpredictable with random number variables. They let you easily build math problems, present learners with randomly-selected content, and add gaming elements to your courses.

Elapsed Time Variables. Create timed interactions and conditional triggers using built-in variables that track the total time a learner spends on a slide, a scene, or an entire course. Question Result Variable. Use the question result variable to trigger different quiz review feedback based on how learners answer a question.

The variable is set to true when they get it right and false when they get it wrong. Dial Interactions. Add interactive dials to let learners manipulate data, explore cause-and-effect relationships, control objects and navigation, and more.

Choose from a gallery of customizable dials or create your own with shapes and pictures. Slider Interactions. Quickly add a slider interaction to let learners manipulate data, explore cause-and-effect relationships, control objects and navigation, and more.

Create interactivity in seconds with push buttons, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Push buttons are now available with square corners or rounded corners.

Add hover-and-reveal and click-and-reveal callouts to your course quickly. Simply place a marker on a slide and choose the images, pop-up text, or videos you want displayed. Make any portion of an object clickable by layering an invisible hotspot over it and triggering it to respond to learner actions. Present any type of content in an easy, compelling way by triggering lightboxes to pop up when a learner clicks certain objects or player tabs.

Data-Entry Fields. Gather learner names and other information, then present it throughout your course to make it feel personal. Mouse Objects. Add mouse cursors to your screenshot demo or software simulation to create a moving mouse effect. Customize how they sound, look, and move across the screen. Scrolling Panels. Add scrolling panels to let learners explore large images or text boxes without leaving the slide.

Screen Recording. Show learners exactly what you want them to grasp by recording your screen. Insert your recording into a slide as a demo, trial, assessment, or video, then easily add captions, characters, and zoom-and-pan effects. Software Simulations. Create software simulations, demos, and tests faster than ever. Storyline segments your activity into multiple step-by-step tutorials that you can edit without re-recording.

Let learners watch how to do a task in View mode, apply their knowledge in Try mode, and assess their skills in Test mode. Action Fine Tuning.

Fix mistakes, make edits, and even change the starting and ending frames in your screen recording, all without impacting the original video file or requiring you to re-record. Media Library. Build courses faster. Manage all the assets for your project in one place with the Storyline media library. Easily add, remove, replace, reuse, and export images, characters, audio clips, and videos. See every slide and layer where an asset is used and jump to each location instantly.

You can even edit assets with third-party apps and save your changes directly to Storyline. Multimedia Support. Easily create, import, and edit video, audio, and images, without complex conversions or encoding.

And use broadcast-level audio optimization for consistent volume throughout a course. SVG Support. Import scalable vector graphics SVGs to Storyline so images stay sharp when learners zoom in and out.

Convert Text to Speech. Speed up course development by converting text to speech right in Storyline For example, use the text-to-speech feature to quickly narrate a course for stakeholder review or to localize narration in different languages.

You can even choose the voice and language to make sure every word sounds right. Text-to-Speech Closed Captions. Storyline can generate closed captions that are automatically synchronized with text-to-speech narration.

Just select the closed captioning option and Storyline will do the work for you. Record or import any video, then set it to play automatically or include player controls. Use the built-in editor to crop, trim, adjust volume, or even add a watermark.

Choose whether or not to compress videos in your published courses. Accessible Video Controls. Enable all learners to interact with videos via accessible controls that match the modern player style, exceed color contrast guidelines, and communicate perfectly with screen readers.

Learners can even change the playback speed, switch to full-screen mode, and use picture-in-picture mode to move videos to a floating window. Record narration, import audio files, and convert text to speech. Use the built-in editor to fine-tune audio. And choose whether or not to compress MP3 files in your published output. Web Objects. Bring the power of the web to your course. Quickly and easily embed web-based applications, games, videos, reference materials, and much more.

Screenshot Tool. Add screenshots to your course in seconds, without ever leaving Storyline Form-Based Questions. Easily assess your learners’ progress. Choose from 20 predefined, form-based questions to build quizzes in seconds. Freeform Questions. Turn objects on your slide into an engaging, decision-making activity, without any programming.

Negative Scoring. Easily create more accurate testing by subtracting points from learners’ scores when they answer incorrectly. Question Import. You don’t have to start every assessment from scratch. You can import questions from Excel or text files you get from a database or subject matter experts. Question Banks. Easily group and manage the questions in your course by pooling them in banks, which can be randomized or even imported into other courses for reuse.

Result Slides. Add a result slide after each assessment to give learners feedback on their performance. Choose from a gallery of result slides, including built-in templates with accessible color contrast baked right in. Customize your result slides with optional features, such as review, retry, and print buttons.

Review and Retry Only Incorrect Questions. Help learners improve their knowledge by letting them review and retry only the questions they get wrong, so they don’t have to repeat the questions they get right. Score Only Viewed Questions. Allow learners to skip quiz questions without negatively affecting their score by grading only the questions they view. Expanded Quiz Tracking.

Let Storyline keep track of every quiz in your course, then send results to your LMS for only the quiz each learner completes. Multiple Quizzes. Test learners whenever and wherever you want in your course, such as at the end of every section. Choose to submit a combined score or a final quiz score to your learning management system LMS.

Responsive Player. The new responsive player for Storyline dynamically adapts to different tablets and smartphones, providing an optimized view of your course on every device, without any manual tweaking. It fluidly responds to different mobile screen sizes and orientations, hiding sidebar menus, eliminating browser chrome, and delivering mobile-friendly playback controls.

Responsive Playback Restrictions. Control which mobile device orientations learners can use to view your course. For example, if you build a course that works best in landscape mode, restrict playback to landscape orientation on tablets and smartphones. HTML5 Gestures. We’ve optimized the new responsive player for touch control. It supports touchscreen gestures—such as swiping, dragging, and pinch-to-zoom—in HTML5 output on tablets and smartphones.

Modern Player. Give desktop and mobile learners a unified experience with a modern player style that’s consistent across all devices. Modern Player Custom Color. Brand your courses by choosing a custom background color for the modern player.

Modern Player Course Cover Photo. Make an impactful first impression. Add an image to your course start page to brand it or give learners an idea of the subject matter. Conditional Seekbar. Use the conditional seekbar in the modern player to prevent learners from skipping ahead until they’ve completed a slide. The seekbar is locked the first time learners view the slide. After that, they can drag the seekbar back and forth. Glossary Import and Export. Create glossaries easily. Import terms and definitions from a CSV file.

Export them to a CSV file so you can reuse them in other projects. And quickly edit them in your player properties without opening a separate window—just click a term or definition and start typing. Customizable Player Settings. Easily customize features, text labels, fonts, and other settings for the player that frames your course. Previewing and Publishing. Responsive Preview. See how your course will look and behave on any device and in any orientation without leaving Storyline.

Just click the device icons on the new responsive preview toolbar. Publish to Review Publish your course to Review to test how it looks on various devices and to collect feedback from stakeholders. HTML5 Output. Publish your course with a single click to HTML5 output that works beautifully in all major browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices.

LRS Support. Custom xAPI Statements. The partnership with Float invites strategic growth and feature development tied to the business’s innovation and success. This app puts BG information such as Tech Tips, the Service Guide, and training materials right in the palm of your hand.

Get direct access to assets including documents, images, and videos on BG Dashboard. Many performance support applications today are designed to provide user help and support for how to use enterprise applications.

These performance support tools are embedded in all types of enterprise systems to help users understand how to use their technology to perform better at their jobs. Inkling takes a bit of a different approach, but moving performance support out of corporate enterprise and IT systems and into mobile operations processes. We do this by embedding operational training, and knowledge right into operational forms and checklists that employees use every day to complete operational processes, cook food, set up new retail displays, comply with health and safety standards and perform maintenance on equipment.

By embedded operational training and knowledge into operational forms and checklists, Inkling brings performance support to a whole new level. Named “The Vault”, this product is available globally to over , learners and is depended on daily by thousands of unique franchise employees in their work activities.

The multi-lingual system is available in over 40 languages and contains more than 25, discrete pieces of learning and performance materials. The system is developed and maintained by Float in a tight partnership with KFC Global and brings emerging technology like Augmented Reality content, xAPI, and personalized content recommendations to this leader in quick-service restaurants. The ability to create beautiful, engaging and informative content is a critical piece of any successful social learning strategy, but creating great content quickly and at scale is often a pipe dream.

Docebo Shape allows organizations to reduce the time it takes to share knowledge at scale by mastering content creation within minutes, not months, while enhancing the learning experience with AI-built personalized content in a format learners actually prefer – short and engaging.

The end result is an agile, easy-to-use training solution that doesn’t require learning leaders to change the way they do things, and instead makes what they do better. Complement formal eLearning with peer gatherings, discussions, break out rooms, forums and more. The Collaborations and MS Teams integration makes it easier than ever for learners to get together, share knowledge, boost personal performance and achieve results.

Absorb Collaborations provides a subject centered social learning environment for experts and novices in the subject learn from each other. Absorb Collaborations allow peers share their knowledge and expertise, whether directly related to LMS courses or on independent topics.

The LMS dashboard is comparable to other popular consumer experiences, such as Netflix, allowing learners to browse through a broad catalogue of courses at a glance, while using social learning cues, to suggest further learning. Content is organised into topics and pathways, allowing individuals or teams to pursue bodies of related learning.

Social fabric learning is the learning strategy and style. As the sole unit for victim identification in disasters, Disaster Victim Identification Unit DVIU launched a trial scheme for the application of technology early in DVIS is tailor-made to expedite the whole DVI process, starting from the collection of post-mortem data to their storage, processing, transmission and eventually the mapping with ante-mortem data with an ultimate view to expediting the victim identification with strict compliance to the DVI Guide of INTERPOL in a more organized and environmentally-friendly approach.

DVIU wish to do faster and better. As self-isolation and quarantine became the norm, so too did the shift to a work-at-home model in only 22 days. With over 50, team members across 50 CX and IT delivery centers in 20 countries, TELUS International deployed a unique, holistic Work Anywhere solution to ensure the business continuity of CX operations for its clients and team members remained connected.

As the model is having great success both internally and externally we believe this is a solution that deserves the high honor of the Brandon Hall Group Awards. The automatic Lab Validation System LVS is a game-changer greatly improving student learning and engagement experience with hands-on technical training and examinations for our internal technical employee, Customer, and Channel Partners students. LVS is the first system ever built by an Akamai training team that automatically evaluates the correctness of an Akamai product configuration submitted as part of a training exercise or examination, and also provides instant feedback with scoring into which configuration components were correct and any that were not.

Testing is an integral part of training. It is paramount for recognizing skills decay. Assessment should be done on a continuous basis, and BrainCert’s Online Testing Platform is the perfect choice to measure, analyze, and view results of the test takers online easily.

Results were slow. This allows instructors and organizations an at-a-glance view of knowledge mastery and provides a roadmap to areas needing strengthening. Assessments are available for youth and adult formation. The adult “survey” features predictive courses to be offered based on areas of weaknesses shown in the assessment results.

This entry, submitted by Multilearning, demonstrates unique DIY cloud-based authoring tools with panel-based discussion forums that enable course designers to engage learners, share knowledge and quickly evaluate learner competency and the impact of the learning activity.

In addition, it demonstrates the ease of use, allowing clients to create highly interactive, rich-media learning modules with robust feedback features utilizing quizzes, evaluations and discussion forums with no additional software required or extra production costs. This entry, submitted by Turkcell, is called CaseLab. The virtual training involves joint call handling, where an experienced call centre agent coaches an agent-in-training while taking customer calls. The technical toolkit enables the following in a virtual setting: — Both agents are connected to the call audio.

With this technical toolkit, Rogers is able to continue using their award-winning experiential training programs during the pandemic when agents are at home.

G-Cube built a centralized Learning Management System for NeGD that brought the multiple government ministries and departments, working in silos, on a single platform. Virtual training and webinars conducted through this platform to align departmental trainings at different stages to broader goals.

In the wake of the pandemic, Sysmex transformed its regional symposia format, designed to provide customers with a full-day of in-person learning for continuing education units CEUs , into a virtual, interactive event. The result was a Virtual Symposia that provided customers with CEUs at no cost and Sysmex with an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships.

BrainCert offers its global clientele a virtual classroom platform that offers a built-in collaboration layer that is imperative for seamless synchronous and asynchronous collaboration capabilities between presenter teacher and attendees students. BrainCert’s Virtual Classroom can help bridge the gap and functions in nearly the same way as a traditional physical classroom.

Although, face to face components may not be a feasible solution to offer synchronicity in online courses, virtual classrooms have a far greater potential to reach out to individual students across the geographies. TQ, an award-winning global, growth-oriented, ever-expanding development program, was created in partnership with Pluralsight using Design Thinking to raise TQs through sophisticated assessments and a framework of chunked content that generate personalized learning at scale, accommodating wide-ranging individual knowledge, experience and preferences.

Area9 and Thieme have been collaborating over a number of years, in order to bring adaptive, personalized learning to the medical education sector. Thieme have developed adaptive learning content to medical students and this is available on their via medici platform.

Brainier has been exclusively focused on building configurable LMS products for over 20 years, and this entry details the latest advancements in our unique learning technology. Brainier is an incredibly flexible SaaS platform empowering organizations to uniquely configure every aspect of their learning management system. Designed intentionally without an internal maintenance site, every element of Brainier is customizable directly within the LMS, providing administrators with complete control.

Built with a multi-tier architecture, Customers can design unlimited Themes to create engaging branding experiences, even within a single LMS instance. The pandemic pushed the pause button on many team sports. At the same time, United States Youth Futsal was on a mission to expand their sport. Rather than wait for the pandemic restrictions to be lifted, USYF went online to identify players without access to futsal, and along with players, the potential coaches who could be trained to teach the game.

The next step would be the challenge of reaching the players, referees, and coaches. Combining a wealth of knowledge and professional resources with a global platform, USYF launched the first online training program for coaches and referees.

The result has been global interest and national growth in the sport. Based on five decades of research, DDI Lead is a personal leadership program designed specifically for new leaders who are hungry to learn yet short on time. And as an all-digital experience, leaders can take advantage of it as soon as they step into their new role, or even before. The pandemic disrupted the traditional ways of working and learning and made us rethink the dynamics of delivering an engaging DU experience, virtually.

As the organization adopted the virtual-first model, DU continued to demonstrate uninterrupted leadership through its DigitallyU initiative. DigitallyU provides a single, unified platform for learners across locations, enriches their learning experience, and helps professionals at Deloitte connect in the virtual world. Docebo Shape allows organizations to reduce the time it takes to share knowledge at scale by mastering content creation within minutes, not months, and enhancing the learning experience with AI-built personalized content in a format learners actually prefer – short and engaging.

The social and collaborative features of the experience and the research-based content come together to engage learners and ensure they walk away with increased confidence about their ability to lead. Simple was created to solve a number of business needs, and was designed with organizations in mind to remove bottlenecks in the design and production process when creating modern learning experiences.

Inkling has always focused on delivering modern digital learning solutions for operational learning. Inkling is the first end-to-end digital learning platform that combines our operational learning solutions like Inkling Knowledge and Inkling Learning Pathways with a fully functional and highly configurable forms builder application that can be used to create learning surveys, forms, operational checklists, quizzes, assessments and much more.

The advantage of having a full form builder combined with our learning capabilities becomes clear when learners can access operational checklists from inside a training class or access quick reference micro learning from inside a form or operational checklist without having to switch to two different systems.

This entry, submitted by Float and KFC Global is an enterprise learning experience platform solution that brings ahead of time learning, standard operating procedures, and performance support in one responsive web application.

Amazing in its content, scope, and technology, the Vault is truly unique. The new learning technology was deployed digitally for risk mitigation skills at biotech operations and soft skills global support services.

The projects show how the advancement in this unique learning technology allowed rapid deployment, precise measurement of upskilling and clear business impact. This union of actionable education tools and services with the analysis and trading platform helps the trader stick to his individually-set Trade Plan. The platform compels the trader to practice with responsible risk management as he learns and develops his trading skills.

OTA teaches students that their first achievement should be to not lose money, as they start to trade live in the markets by applying solid foundations of responsible risk management. Then, progressively building from there. CliK brings application and learning together, helping students learn strategies to achieve their financial goals.

While students track their results in different ways, a recent Wave study indicates that a majority of students are making money. CliK is designed to support the cause with a journey unlike any other in the markets today. Scotiabank has developed and deployed Scotia Academy, a scalable, enterprise-wide learning technology solution to offer both an improved learner experience and a performance-focused mindset through a central learning portal.

Scotia Academy gives access to learning opportunities for 90, global employees in over 30 countries and in three languages. The Speexx learning solution offers a unique mix of smart technology and a human touch. Speexx is more than a learning provider for its customers, taking on the role of strategic partner, helping customers worldwide overcome a complex set of challenges, drive business growth, improve organizational culture, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve business objectives.

The unique features built into the Speexx digital learning solution turn Speexx into an enabler of growth, development, and innovation for its customers. Application of simulation technology in emergency response and tactical driving training for police motorcyclists in Hong Kong. To enhance the mobile policing of police motorcyclists on the roads in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Police Force introduced motorcycle simulation training in to advance in traffic training.

This entry, submitted by Zimmer Biomet and ZS Associates, is a virtual facilitated learning and development workshop developed specifically to prepare sales reps to position numerous Zimmer products to different HCP segments. The narrative begins in the lobby of the hospital, where the team will be introduced to their sales targets and goals for the day.

Time to head into their first meeting and sale scenario, there is no time to waste! Most training programs across businesses require instructors to be recruited from within the business.

Earlier, the process of instructor recruitment was either through emails or surveys. It was tedious, required a lot of manual intervention, and had a higher possibility for error. The Facilitator Recruitment Tool created an easy-to-use, scalable, and customizable one-stop-solution for recruiting facilitators from within the business. They expect the same at work. They expect modern, digital content, served up to them in a single place or accessible in the system that they are in right now. In order to meet this demand, Inkling developed Inkling Connect, an iPaaS that connects Inkling modern digital learning content to all enterprise systems to provide our clients with the flexibility to put Inkling into their learning, operational and productivity systems where it makes sense for them.

Inkling Connect is a modern iPaaS with pre-built, productized connectors, intuitive controls for building integrations and automatic code generation. It is the first technology of its kind on the market and focuses on streamlining end-to-end learning operations. It aims to replace the fragmented tools currently used by training teams with one simple software solution to help them manage all these elements of team planning, project scheduling, and collaboration.

The technology allowed developers to couple an application programming interface API with custom JavaScript and add that to published Articulate Storyline files. The result permitted the course and the enterprise directory to talk to each other, providing people leaders the opportunity to immediately apply their learning using real-time data about their teams. Tech Exchange has been conceptually crafted as a free futuristic learning opportunity that motivates the modern learner in the most unique way.

Each session is carefully orchestrated with one aim in mind; for the learner to emerge confident and empowered by education. Tech Exchange is accessible to all people that work in technology as well as those quietly interested in technology themes. Self-service kiosks proved to be a game-changer for Sparks. The Sparks team and Compunnel Digital visualized this with a passion to develop and deploy dealership experience of the future.

The services went from explaining product details manually to customers viewing details and evaluating purchase decisions while enhancing end-to-end user experience.

Kuveyt Turk Academy TV is a learning, social, collaborative and video-based learning platform. Most of the videos and contents designed, developed and presented by our employees and senior management voluntarily. As an alternative to traditional newsletter articles and emails, animated whiteboard videos and animated videos are used to provide colleagues information about the business and key initiatives. By giving everybody the power of video, Vyond allows users to create learning experiences that go beyond dry, disengaging, boring chunks of content into dynamic media-rich experiences that get complex messages across in a consumable way.

The COVID pandemic completely upended how we work, putting a greater emphasis on remote work and training. Cornerstone launched Remote Work Essentials, a new content subscription offering through Cornerstone Content Anytime CCA , to equip employees and managers with best practices on virtual collaboration and staying mindful. This entry, submitted by Multilearning, is a cloud-based tool that transforms educational webinar recordings into slide-based videos optimized for learners.

The embedded video player with search functions and slide navigation optimizes time spent, maintains control over content seen, and increases engagement and commitment to the learning material. Its simplistic functionality and clean design allows a service advisor to present maintenance solutions to a customer right on the service drive.

Kotak Life has deployed Smartsell for its entire field salesforce with a clear objective of equipping them to sell more. It is used by the sales team to proactively conduct a study of the knowledge and skill levels of the client organization so that the recommendation of courses and certifications can be more accurate.

The KSA report is a value addition for the customer even before the engagement starts. After the success of the ePRGs electronic Product reference guides on the Product Presentation Center, Kia quickly realized having a single hub of knowledge, tools, and resources available to Sales Consultants was essential.

Now, Sales Consultants can visit this single web responsive site for all their vehicle learning needs. The introduction of a vendor enablement platform, Highspot, to the Group Benefits organization at MetLife has provided a one-stop shop platform for sales, service, and support. Giving associates one platform that they can access natively, or in Outlook, Salesforce.

The new approach with Experiential Journey to Performance shifted the way Sales Managers are upskilled. It built off the success of the product launch Journey to Performance by further expanding its approach and strengthening remote coaching. Overall benefits include a very satisfied audience and measurable business outcome. Training includes both online learning and live training sessions, plus access to Aspire — a free site filled with resources for media sales experts written by media sales experts.

By demonstrating the importance of investment in training upfront and using NXT Training Academy to facilitate learning, broadcasters can accelerate sales growth, drive digital orders, and increase revenue without increasing headcount. This entry, submitted by Salesforce, is called “Astro’s Course Tracker”. Astro’s Course Tracker is the first Learning Experience Platform built exclusively on the Salesforce platform, which enables effectively leveraging other Salesforce platform tools, plus third-party solutions from the AppExchange.

Content creators can employ multiple learning modalities to craft personalized learning journeys based on roles. The assignment engine in Astro’s Course Tracker offers an intuitive user interface to allow targeting specific groups of learners based on their data, and assigning those learners specific content.

Data from the platform ultimately allows executives and program owners to track learner consumption and completion data. This entry describes the development and deployment of a new, virtual coaching experience with the use of AI in a video coaching tool.

Unboxed enhanced their Spoke Learning Platform to start building better coaches and drive more effective sales training. Spoke’s video-AI coaching helps learners get immediate feedback for refinement and analysis of strengths then follow up with their manager or coach for deeper feedback on skills and competencies connecting and developing teams no matter where they are.

By combining training, practice, coaching, and knowledge sharing in one app, companies across industries use Allego to reduce onboarding costs, accelerate time to first sale for new hires, and increase win rates. It’s a learning experience that includes onboarding and ongoing curricula, incorporating job aids, social sharing, enrollment rules, notifications, refreshers, points, and badging. This learning experience is customized to learner roles, with scenario-based activities, transfer activities, and action planners to ensure learners understand how to apply what they’ve learned to the daily activities.

It is supported by evidence that shows that a learning approach built on a collaborative shared online learning space will produce superior outcomes resulting in observable and meaningful behavior change. Aditya Birla Sun Life has deployed Sales Buddy for its entire field salesforce with a clear objective of equipping them to sell more.

Docebo Shape allows organizations to reduce the time it takes to share knowledge at scale by mastering content creation within minutes, not months and enhancing the learning experience with AI-built personalized content in a format learners actually prefer – short and engaging.

This entry, submitted by Tiled, is titled Vivint Sales Materials Reimagined Using Tiled Microapps, and covers a story about Tiled’s success as a critical technology solution for their customer, Vivint.

As an innovative home security provider, Vivint was using static sales and customer presentation materials that did not match the forward-looking image of its brand.

Vivint turned to Tiled to create engaging and professional content that field reps could use on mobile phones and tablets. With Tiled microapps, Vivint was able to produce incredible, immersive experiences for customers and internal teams that allows customers and reps to explore products through videos, galleries, and other multimedia in a rich, customized experience, offline and online.

It offers solutions that help organizations save time and money, create customized assessments that suit their needs, and provides analytics that help identify best-suited candidates in a glance.

It also helps create winning teams. Sciolytix has created the first and only simulation-based sales performance predictor. The Sciolytix sales performance predictor brings an objective, bias-free measurement of actual sales performance to sales hiring, along with a user experience that applicants rate more highly than any other assessment.

This provides the candidate with an immersive view into the role to see if it is right for them and allows the recruiter to gain insight into the applicant prior to an interview screening. The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform offers HR and training managers a comprehensive solution for screening job applicants and evaluating current employees for new opportunities. Hundreds of organizations worldwide in industries such as Education, Healthcare, Call Centers, Retail and Hospitality turn to eSkill to improve hiring and training outcomes.

The eSkill Talent Assessment Platform includes both skills and behavioral assessments and users have the option to customize skills tests to match specific job requirements so they can identify candidates with the best JobFit. They can opt to choose a pre-prepared assessment or build a customized skills test by selecting questions from one or more tests and adding their own questions.

To conduct a thorough evaluation of candidates, they can include video response questions and simulation questions that replicate typical tasks so they can see how candidates react and respond in job-related situations so they can make the best possible hiring decisions.

It is a gamified assessment case platform, using chat bot interface to communicate with the candidates as they solve their business cases during the assessment center experience.

Creation of Casebot was driven by advances in artificial intelligence bot technology sped up by switching to remote work during global pandemic. Scalable to over thousand candidates simultaneously, Casebot assessment centers significantly desrease costs, unconscious bias and logistic hassles associated with face-to-face assessments, significantly decreasing time and human resource required for assessment.

It provides HR teams with very rich data, such as candidate efficacy on each behavioral indicator, overall competency levels, effective use of time, documents and processes.

Easy to use, intuitive screen design helps get participant immersed in the case experience, using videos, e-mails, scheduling and prioritisation activities to help simulate real life like experiences.

Survale’s candidate feedback platform provides recruiting organizations with unprecedented insights into how candidates experience the people, processes and technologies involved in recruiting.

Feedback is gathered at the career site to understand how candidates experience the employer brand and what motivates them in their career search. Once a candidate applies, the company’s ATS triggers Survale to send pulse feedback requests to candidates, recruiters and hiring managers after key stages in the recruiting process.

Survale anchors the feedback to the specific steps in the process and uses operational data from the ATS to augment the experiential data from candidates location, job, source, hiring manager, etc.

Survale’s analytics compiles all that data into dashboards that pinpoint what problems are occurring as candidates move through the process, and indicates exactly the people, processes or technology behind the problems. The result is a unique tool that increases candidate satisfaction and optimizes the entire recruiting process.

Avature Career Marketplace enables organizations to go beyond the limitations of standard career sites by combining powerful customization with AI personalization and advanced analytics to create an unrivaled candidate experience. As a part of an Avature solution suite or integrated to a legacy ATS, Avature Career Marketplace can meet organizations strict requirements while showcasing their unique employer brand. Traditional onboarding approaches the process through the lens of what the organization needs from the new hire, rather than what the new hire needs from the organization to succeed.

The resulting onboarding processes are ineffective, filled with paperwork, forms, and other manual systems. Enboarder has reinvented onboarding with the new hire in mind, focusing on creating a great onboarding experience and facilitating human connection —— resulting in increased employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

The application helps in better execution of the training interventions based on new hire induction and assessment for BigBasket. It hosts a number of interactive programs, assessments, discussion groups, etc. Nurse Residency is a specifically designed toolkit that is utilized to support residency program success at hospitals. Nurse retention causes a strain on healthcare organizations.

This level of turnover is estimated to cost the facility in both financial and regulatory impact. For instance, Magnet accredited organizations are now required to have a transition to practice program for new nurses. As the need for competent and caring health professionals continues to grow, there is increasing demand placed on academic institutions and healthcare organizations to launch, educate, and manage students throughout their clinical educational process.

Appcast Xcelerate is a programmatic recruitment advertising platform that intelligently distributes job ads to a network of more than 10, job sites. Leveraging AI and ML, Xcelerate learns where hireable candidates for each open position live, work and hang out online and then distributes job ads to the sites that deliver the most qualified candidates, helping organizations meet hiring goals, including diversity.

Avature enables global organizations to go beyond the constraints of legacy systems by combining modern web technology with powerful customization, advanced analytics, and comprehensive recruitment marketing capabilities to make strategic HR possible.

No matter what the business driver or challenge clients face, Avature can flex to meet their unique needs. This is why global leaders such as Cisco, Philips and Siemens use Avature. SmashFlyX centralizes every recruiting data point — campaign performance, job status, source, candidate behavior signals — and automates marketing tasks to empower smarter candidate interactions.

One-click, Paperless Onboarding along with Facial Recognition. Smart Compensation and Negotiation System To cater to different stakeholders involved in the recruitment process, it provides 5 different interfaces as follows: 1. Jio E. Jio A. Avature ATS enables global organizations to go beyond the constraints of legacy ATS by combining modern web technology with powerful customization and advanced analytics to make strategic HR possible.

No matter what the business driver or challenge our clients face, Avature ATS can flex to meet their unique requirements and adapt as these needs evolve in a rapidly changing world.

This is why global leaders such as Cisco and Siemens use Avature. The hiring process is often a slow, frustrating endeavor for companies and candidates. Modern Hire is transforming enterprise hiring with advanced tools and analytics trusted by nearly half the Fortune Unlike competitors who offer lackluster functionality at an inflated price point, JazzHR is disrupting SMB hiring with its affordable, reliable product and services.

This submission showcases a clear value proposition, market differentiators, and compelling results based on real customer data. Visibility to accurate job market rates is critical for making the right hiring decisions that optimize for cost, engagement type, location and more. Built for recruiters by recruiters, HiringSolved drives significant impact for users — increased efficiency reduced hiring costs, and more diverse pipelines — through Talent Intelligence, AI, and incredible search and match technology, all in a single platform.

The hiring world is ever-changing and recruiting teams need the right tools to improve results, reduce costs, and do more with less.

HiringSolved is recruiting simplified. With Talent Intelligence, AI, and incredible search and match technology, HiringSolved drives a significant impact for users. Teams see increased efficiency, reduced hiring costs, and more diverse pipelines all with one platform. Instead of focusing on just Talent Management, organizations need to focus on the integration of people enablement, business strategy execution, and employee engagement.

The entry application includes visuals, a video demo link and trial access of the platform’s core features. Fuel50 is your new AI Opportunity Marketplace; a solution that smart-matches your people to learning, vacancies, gigs, projects and career journeys. Harness next-gen workforce data, power internal talent mobility, drive workforce agility, and future-proof your organization.

Captivate does include limited audio editing tools, just enough to be handy. You can create some really impressive training modules with this.

We have been using this for a little while now to train our new hires on policies and process. The same content can be adapted to various devices and you don’t need to create multiple projects. As mentioned, it does have a learning curve. I feel like I need to be a developer to figure some of it out. Based on reviews, G2. Users have also given Captivate the following ratings in key platform criteria:.

On Capterra , user reviews have resulted in a 4. Drilling down further, user reviews provide the following ratings for Adobe Captivate:. Articulate is a platform that consists of two authoring tools.

This Google Docs-style commenting and review tool helps streamline feedback from stakeholders in one spot, creating a single source of truth. Rise includes modular building blocks for quickly producing e-learning courses that look stunning and perform across any device. Heighten the interactivity of your courses with quizzes, GIFs, videos, and drag-and-drop assets.

Once you do that, it unlocks the power of this learning development platform. Including audio and video with timing of actions couldn’t be easier. When I needed to insert an Articulate video or quiz, it was just like doing any other task in PowerPoint!

There’s review features and some bit of sharing with other team members, but something a little more live would be great. Many very basic feature requests that have been submitted on multiple tools within the suite by hundreds of users have been “in development” for over 4 years. Based on 95 reviews, G2. Users have also given Articulate the following ratings in key platform criteria:. How about we answer a question with a question: is investing in a platform that allows you to make more dynamic PowerPoints really the right path to take?

We started by asking which is better in the battle of Adobe Captivate vs. Articulate



Articulate 360 vs adobe captivate 9 free

Thanks to an adaptive player, courses created with посетить страницу источник tool play beautifully on any device. Hi all, Storyline doesn’t currently have a responsive design set up, although you can publish for HTML5 and for use within the Articulate Mobile player as described here. It can be hard enough as an instructional designer to be treated as a professional in articulate 360 vs adobe captivate 9 free corporate world – it doesn’t help that our tools look like they were designed for elementary school users.


Top 9 eLearning Course Creation Tools: a Comparison | The HowToo Blog – Opportunity Awaits

You can try Articulate Storyline 3 free for 30 days. Goodies. More capabilities for customization; Robust animation options; Suitable for. Download the Top 9 eLearning Course Creation Tools FREE Adobe Captivate. Strengths Like Articulate Storyline , Captivate is a desktop-based app. Although the new version is called Articulate , Adobe Articulate Storyline 2 specializes in eLearning software, with an impressive list of.

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