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Could I try Flat to Black for I’d love to try; Mona Lisa Is it possible to try the Paris theme? John Moore Mittwoch, 21 Februar Thank You.

Ryan Mittwoch, 14 Februar I would love to try the API skin for Lukas Dienstag, 13 Februar Hi could you send me Mona Lisa for Logic My email: free -at- snafu. Once it works I will be more than happy to send a donation. Dillzoo Samstag, 10 Februar Many thanks. Herr Marvado Samstag, 10 Februar Please sent me also the Neve Theme I would like to receive this theme: Titan Thank you in advanced.

GP Freitag, 02 Februar Black Pearl for Keithen Foster Dienstag, 30 Januar Peter Freitag, 19 Januar You email me that you don’t have the SSL for Pete Mittwoch, 17 Januar I would very much appreciate a download link for Logic Lives Pro 9 for Florian Castellano Mittwoch, 15 November Could you please send a download link to me to: florian castellanomusic.

Jame’s Samstag, 11 November Hallo, Will you be having a Holiday sale on Logic Themes this year btw? Jame’s syn.

Mark Owen Samstag, 11 November Hello, Could you please send me Neve Theme Email is owenmusic97 gmail. And please advise where and how to donate. I am unable to find a link on your site.

Thanks, owenmusic97 gmail. Could you please send me LogicTools. Hello, your themes are very impressive!!!! I just sent you a donation from shadoboxer1 netzero. Timothy Samstag, 28 Oktober Could you please send me Titan Analog Pro? Can you please send me Logic 9 Pro Lives Cyril Samstag, 28 Oktober Hi Can you send me Logictools John Donnerstag, 26 Oktober Whittjr gmail. Lareun Donnerstag, 26 Oktober John A.

Dienstag, 24 Oktober Jorge Drexler Freitag, 20 Oktober Can you send me Black Pearl Fred Perrier Freitag, 20 Oktober Hi, Can you please send me : Neve Theme Joe Mittwoch, 18 Oktober Logic Lives Pro 9 for Jeremy Dienstag, 10 Oktober Chung Huang Mittwoch, 04 Oktober Neve Theme Chung Mittwoch, 04 Oktober Jeremy Sonntag, 01 Oktober Delcio Samstag, 30 September How much for the all the themes?

Amrit Samstag, 30 September Can you send me flat to black please? Hey, I forgot to add my email but its the same as my PayPal aaroneternalmusic gmail. Pete Donnerstag, 21 September Grant Conyers Montag, 18 September Hey there, great work. I just bought an SSL theme. Would it be possible to get the Titan and Blue Silver themes for Alex Culla Sonntag, 17 September Great work. Pete Samstag, 16 September Lucy Skystone Mittwoch, 06 September I use logic You themes are great, keep up the good work!

I sent you a donation via paypal, from tutorials udioprolabs. Could I please get the Titan Analog Pro Sean Doe Freitag, 01 September Diamondback Manhunter Freitag, 01 September Hey, your themes are absolutely beautiful. I sent you a donation via paypal, from david.

Could I please get the Neon theme for Thanks so much! IT Donnerstag, 31 August Tim Scott Donnerstag, 31 August You themes are great keep up the good work! Anthony Adams Donnerstag, 31 August Hi – your themes look great, nice work. Could you send me Black Pearl Harry Ramos Dienstag, 29 August Ramoz gmail.

Ixmac09 Sonntag, 20 August Daneng Hang Montag, 14 August Please send me Avid S6 for I love your work, these themes look amazing! Maris Sonntag, 13 August Carlos Flores Donnerstag, 10 August Jasron Sonntag, 06 August O Sonntag, 23 Juli Please send me LogicTools skin for Email: jean.

Ixmac09 Freitag, 14 Juli Al Mittwoch, 05 Juli Neve 88Rs Theme very nice Please and many thank’s al vitalhomestudio. Terlev Freitag, 30 Juni Richard D. Freitag, 23 Juni API Vision Frequency Dienstag, 30 Mai Niklas D. Sonntag, 28 Mai Sam J Freitag, 19 Mai Red Vine 2 for Fcasoria Montag, 08 Mai Richard Hart Sorry there is no way to change it. Apple do some locks on the Application. No Gradient on chanalstrip. Background only in Greyscale. If you have some personal wishes about Paris,contact me.

Richard Hart Sonntag, 07 Mai Sorry to bother you. I remain grateful for that. I haven’t updated to Mona for I would purchase Paris if it weren’t for the green. So–and I would want to pay you for this–is there a way to change the current gray grid area of LPX Or is there a way to modify your Paris theme to avoid the gray grid and also to not have teal-green loops?

Thank you, Richard. Stefan Koller Freitag, 05 Mai Ander Benin Flat to black Theme is on work. Soon the release. Ander Benin Donnerstag, 13 April Hi, I like Flat to Dark, the best. Alex Watson Dienstag, 11 April Will Carisma be updated for LPX It worked beautifully with Forgot to provide my contact info: JLR Perez gottagobye yahoo.

Do you have any themes for that product version, please? Do you keep a database of customers? I of course want to buy the Logic 9 theme retina and the Cubase theme anyway Chris Brown.

Agreed, not a big fan of the super huge pan knobs on the Trident and Console although i do really like both Theme’s! No I want them bigger TR Theme Logic X Ok i am going to say something and I hope you are not offended.. I have tried every theme now, and my issue is with many of them, that the panpots are massive and detract from the overall theme. Damn you really like big knobs! Also, the plugin themes are not retina..

I was so excited to be able to see the EXS and ES2 on the 5k screen and read the text, but they are as blurry as the factory skins.. Those insane knobs on the latest 10 themes totally destroys them I think. Matthew take a chill pill, the guy likes your themes… It just seems like a misunderstanding. Delivery Day. Climate Pledge Friendly. Customer Reviews. Amazon Certified. From Our Brands. New Arrivals. Amazon Global Store. International Shipping. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

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Logic pro x skins 2018 free

High-quality Logic Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina, PC and Surface laptop skins, designed and sold by independent artists. Intense colors, sharp lines, glossy finish. The logic pro x keyboard skins are designed and tested to fit perfectly. Free Shipping. Azipara Laptop Store. Logic Pro X Shortcuts A Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin for Apple MacBook Newest Air 13″ A Logic X Pro. US $ Free Shipping. Chat now! Hallo Bro can you send me free theme for logic pro x kevinriesbeck@replace.me replace.me stuff bro if you in germany stuttgart join my studio for some time see you (Mittwoch, 14 Februar ) I would love to try the API skin for please Thank you ryeboesch@replace.me # I reach you from turkey Logic Pro X user for.


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