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1) Options for Audirvana users? 2) The subscription model – Audirvāna Studio – Audirvana – Audirvana Plus for Windows 10 pricing

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A single product Studio should be enough: with different skins for people who want to change his look, with license or subsciption, with modules that can be activated or not, even with a price. Why a different product? This is a perfectly normal part of Beta Testing, please submit your observations to [email protected] Attn: Antoine. Marketing genius maybe. Attention Mr Antoine.

I just signed on to the trial, I have Audirvana 3. Deleting the AudirvanaDatabase. Regarding the MusicBrainz analysis, that is what I wanted to know, too many people had far too many problems with that before.

Probably right. So far it works. Further information: Audirvana Plus Audirvana Plus 2. John currently lives in Berlin where he creates videos and podcasts and pens written pieces for Darko. Follow John on YouTube or Instagram. Audio Studio. Switch skin. Search Search for: Search. Say it with me: orrrdearrrrvarrrrna. Audio is a member of EISA. Audio funded? Good Audirvana substitutes? Thread starter lawsonian Start date Jul 2, Tags audirvana. It’s sad to see their new Studio software which is trying to rip people off with expensive yearly subscription fee that is equal to the lifetime price of the predecessor.

I’m still using the old Audirvana Plus but won’t count on their software support for much longer. Any good paid and free alternatives out there? I like Roon better, but it’s even more expensive. Joined Apr 12, Posts 1, Likes Roon is by far the best alternative out there. Their discovery features are worth every penny of the subscription price. Any edge Audirvana might have had on them in the SQ department is minimal at best now given their recent updates.

Roseval said:. Click to expand Audirvana Studio evaluation has been extended, but I am not going to buy after that – and I am speaking as original Audirvana fan, what a great software it was.

I dislike Roon including its subscription based model but thanks to Audirvana devs it may seem I will be forced to. It is not just about the price of Studio but in fact the initial release has been full of bugs and lacks of features original Audirvana offered long time ago.

While I was the one who voted for a better seek bar in wave form for example it is just not enough to justify a model in which I am paying monthly fee for beta quality software lacking some basic streaming features.

In real world the developer is paying for testing of own software – not the other way around. Maybe the extended period of evaluation is a sign that current Audirvana users dislike Studio edition and their convert rate is lower than expected. If so there maybe a slight chance of devs finally realizing that the whole Studio is a catastrophic move in very wrong direction and return to original Audirvana model.

Lolito Banned. Lolito said:. I dont pay for the music, i gotta rent an audio player. Are there any other pc audioplayers streaming Tidal?



Qobuz now embedded in Audirvana Plus ! | The Qobuz Blog


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